10 images showing that a technological fatality is resulting with the dialogues and they are on its last legs

“Thrive for perfection but don’t make it a bad addiction”

The smart phones have become a crucial part, not only for today’s standard of living but for the life of people as they have become obsessed to technology. It is an undeniable fact that we are able to accomplish a lot with the help of smart phones but, one more fact is there that this digital world has made us to become its slave. We are so much dependent on smart phones that their absence on any grounds, whether it is the unavailability of internet connection or discharge of their battery, makes us feel unconscious. As a result, there is a sight of people with hectic hands and bent necks all over around us. The following illustrations will clearly explain the distressing truth of today’s world.

Negative effects of Excess use of Smartphone

The most recent trends are ensuing in a perpetuation model. In an instant, you will be able to see yourself becoming one of those spectacular if you continue to remain obsessed with your smart phone all the time. People nowadays have forgotten the delight of enjoying their leisure time in the radiance of sunshine where there is no one to bother them.



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