5 Sport injuries that are worst in experience

Everyone knows that “there is no gain without pain”. Sometimes experience of these injuries can be overwhelming. Athletes including golfer, footballer and cricketer face different kinds of injuries while playing when they are not careful. Here, in this article, go through the types of injuries that are experienced by athletes while playing on the field.

1 Calf strain

Calf strain is one of the most common injuries especially for the players who are indulged in the sports that require high leg work. Calf strain is considered as a tear of calf muscle that starts from the lower end part of the leg to the lower back. It is a big problem that leads to sharp pain in the back area of leg and the player may immediately fall down on the field because of this. In the situation of Calf strain, cold therapy should be given as soon as possible. Cold therapy helps to freeze the muscle and for better treatment of calf, have painkillers and put leg in elevated position.

Calf strain


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