Nothing worked, other than these 5 Simple Yoga techniques to get me in SHAPE! Amazing

I tried pills, gym, running, dieting but nothing worked. These are the problems shared by a number of people and if you are one of them, then try these Yoga postures to get in shape. People who have busy schedule don’t get enough time to maintain their weight. They tend to put on some weight day by day with their unhealthy habits. There are so many options that can be opted for weight loss like gym, aerobics, jogging etc. Some people prefer surgical option for getting rid of extra fat but exercise is the best and innovative ways for fat lose. Here you can find 5 best yoga poses for fat lose quickly.


Vasistasana is the best yoga exercise for getting a toned body shape. It is also known as side plank. When you start this yoga, you need to sit down on your knees and hands and then tuck in the toes. After this, try to lift the knees off the mat. Then Try to hold the position for 5 counts and try the same with the other hand. This will be the exact plank position.




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