Can you dare to eat apple after reading this? We bet No!!

“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”. All of us have heard this proverb since our childhood days. Along with this, the taste and health benefits of apple are other reasons on account of which it is very famous and liked by millions of people. But, what if the same apple that uses to keep you away from the doctor becomes the reason for you to see the doctor? Yes, you heard it right. Eating apple can lead to severe health issues. But this is because of the common nature of human beings and we can avoid this with a little awareness. There is a tendency in human beings that we lean easily towards the things that are attractive. This is true for everything like toys, food or gadgets. We are here with a viral news and facts related to apple so as to make you aware from the to severe health issues that may result with all those who make selection based on the looks of the thing rather than its quality.

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