WOW!!! Now you can check the Facebook and WhatsApp messages and they will not even come to know…

The most popular and trending platforms on the net that let the people associate with friends, relatives and other people over the net are Facebook and WhatsApp. From iMessage to Facebook or WhatsApp, every messaging app that is available nowadays has the re-receipt feature with which we get notified about who have seen and read our messages and vice-versa. Well… here are some tricks that allow you to turn off the reading feature for you all.
Notification Panel
A new message is shown in the form of a notification in both Faceboop and WhatsApp to your device. It means that the data arrives on the devices swiftly regardless of the fact that whether or not you fetch the new message. So this means that we are aware of the fact that a new message has arrived even without actually opening the message.




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