Have you ever seen people dancing on death of someone? See, why whole Minnesota was dancing on death ceremony!

This sad news is viral and in trending too and people may found it weird, but it’s true! Whole of the Minnesota was dancing to offer its tribute to Prince, the singer who was master in blending R&B, rock, pop, jazz and funk. Prince Rogers Nelson died on Thursday at the age of 57 and people want to say him special Bye. Prince’s native place Minnesota, where people take him as his favorite son, wanted to do something special to pay tribute to him. And they did that in the best possible manner. Yes, they all danced! The hits of Prince can be heard everywhere, especially, “Nothing Compares 2 u” and everyone was dancing with eyes full of tears. It was really a unique moment to see streets full of people in purple outfits, saying final bye with stuffed animals and purple flowers.

Prince Rogers Nelson was found unresponsive in an elevator and was rushed to the hospital. The paramedics tried hard to save him  by performing CPR but failed in their attempt. It was a shocking news for most of the fans as he was perfectly fine few days before when he performed in Atlanta. The loss is undoubtedly unbearable and it won’t be easy for the people from US and other countries to recover from it.


Minnesota People pay tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson-Netmarkers



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