Have you ever seen people dancing on death of someone? See, why whole Minnesota was dancing on death ceremony!

The death of Prince however, is suspicious and autopsy is carried out to know the probe. Investigations are going on and authorities are trying to figure out the reasons. Much can only be revealed, after the report will come.  In Minneapolis, people from all age groups, between 20s and 80s can be seen on the streets embracing, singing and talking about Prince and his journey. He was an inspiration in real sense as he has shown to the world that matters not you are from East or West, you can still make it big if you really work hard.

Prince Rogers Nelson is not anymore, but he will remain alive in the hearts of millions… You did it! Let’s not cry on his death, rather remember him by playing his greatest hits. Let’s see how many days, months, years, Prince is going to be viral and in trending.. We wish and know always! Don’t you agree?

Prince Rogers Nelson died- Netmarkers



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