Misunderstandings destroy everything! Jennie and Martin were not together anymore- Part-7

Jennie’s viral story New York so far: Things immediately changed between Jennie and Martin, even Alice was affected!- Part-6

Martin was still in hangover in the morning and I was still in the dreams. But where was Jennie? I was looking at Martin and he was trying to hide his awkwardness. To make him comfortable, I came closer to him and he hugged me tightly. Wow, it was great! I was feeling it! Martin was now fully conscious and he was actually loving me. I remembered those days when he use to put his fingers in my curly hairs and point his fingers in my cheek’s dimples. My dimples were the favorite for him as at least 10 times a day he use to say, I love your dimples Alice! But yes, he always had a problem! The problem was my spectacles. His point was why you hide your beautiful big eyes behind these glasses? And my answer was always!! Shut up! We were the hottest couple in the College 2 years back and I reduced 10 kg that time to look slim for Martin. Wow, what were the days when I was so hot, that every boy wished to flirt with me, but my crush was on Martin.

Alice and Martin- Jennie viral story-Netmarkers


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