Taste the 10 most expensive foods in the world!!!

All that is required to make a person happy is just superb food. Just a bagel for breakfast, a pizza for lunch and a heavy dinner will make a man more than happy. Here is the list of the most expensive and trending food items in the world. If you have money than enjoy the real costly versions of all these foods.

  1. Italian White Alba Truffle-$160,406

The exorbitant price of this item could be explained by the fact that they have become difficult to cultivate. Once, a huge white Alba truffle weighing around 1.51 kilograms has been sold for $160,000.

Italian White Alba Truffle-Net Markers

  1. Almas Cavier-$25,000

An extremely rare food that is found is Iran is Almas caviar. Since this item is rare therefore it gets even more expensive as caviars are already very expensive. Even to find the store that sells it is a difficult task. It is sold on per kilo basis and is kept in a tin that is made of 24 carat gold. Want to taste it??? Then you have to spend at least $1,250 as this is the price of the smallest available tin.

Almas Cavier-Net Markers


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