The strange walking corpses of Toraja are here to meet you!!!!

There are number of weird activities that are performed in the name of ritual around the world. These traditions are so weird that you cannot even imagine that they actually exists somewhere in this world. The people who are following such rituals are still connected to the old beliefs of ghosts and supernatural powers and are still not seen to get rid of them. We have brought something from the Toraja tribe that is in Sulawesi, Indonesia where a weird ritual that has its roots in the ancient history of supernatural beliefs is still followed. This is something unbelievable but true.

The hard to believe Traditions

Toraja is a place in Indonesia that is famous for wood carvings, handicrafts, Tongkonan that are the peaks on the roofs of houses etc. but apart from all these, this place has some weird rituals that are based on the ancient beliefs of ghosts and supernatural powers. This common looking place has some strange burial and funeral rituals that make it stand apart form the rest of the society. Death is celebrated in Toraja and the practice of R.I.P (Rest in peace) is not followed here.

The hard to believe Traditions - Net Markers



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