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The life of those who did not believe in keeping all the important stuff at a fixed place is really too hard. These people are bound to live in a mess and even became habitual to it such that it does not affect them much. When asked as why living with that mess than they tend to give excuse of not having enough time to get the things managed properly. No one can help them in that condition as no one has extra hours in his days to get the things managed and therefore you have to manage it in some way or the other. But for those who are facing this problem due to lack of proper resources, this post will prove to be very helpful. Here are some really cost effective and amazing hacks that would make your life easier.

No confusion with colorful keys
Tired of wasting time in finding the right key? Just use a simple hack to get the things sorted. Paint your keys with different colors and save the valuable time that you were wasting in finding the right key.

colorful keys-Netmarkers



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