Jennie saw something that was hard to believe and this shattered her completely! Part-13

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I reached Kevin’s house and was about to press the doorbell but I stopped! I stopped as I heard few voices coming from his room and I went towards the window to see what’s happening! What I saw then was able to make me faint. Kevin, the one who is the most dearest of all was on bed with another girl. They were making love and in a manner as if they are a couple! Should I shout or I should walk away! I was just standing still and my brain was not working and I thought I should go! I moved with tears in my eyes and was remembering just one thing- that girl whom I slapped was right! Kevin is cheating on me. I took him as my everything, and today he gave in turn? He just murdered my feelings.

I walked 20 steps, but then I thought why am I running away! I am not the culprit. Kevin should get a lesson of playing with my feelings. I took courage and decided to face him and I wanted to show everyone what kind of person Kevin is. So, I went to the window, took out my mobile and started taking their clippingg. I wanted to have a proof in case he turns afterwards. Then went to the main door to see how he reacts…..

Jennie saw Kevin with a girl- Jennie's viral story, Netmarkers



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