For Jennie it was a test of her love.. was she able to clear it?- Part-14

Trending, viral news story of Jennie, New York so far: Jennie saw something that was hard to believe and this shattered her completely

To my surprise, Kevin just slapped that girl in front of me. He shouted on her, this bitch compelled me do this. I swear Jenny, I am not at any fault. She was the one who kept on following me, she calls me everyday and today when I was coming to you she came and forced me do this. She even put something in my drink… please believe me.

Kevin was saying all this, but I could just feel his lips moving. Just the words of that girl were echoing in my ears that I deserve a cheat like Kevin. I was looking at that girl who was in tears and feeling awkward. But why I am looking at her with sympathy? May be because still there’s some kind of sympathy for Kevin in my heart. I guess that’s why people say love is blind. I know Kevin since a long time but I can never expect him slapping a girl. Suddenly, I came back to senses, what’s going on! What am I doing! At that time, I got the feeling as if I am sitting on a railway track and waiting for a train to come and take me away from this bad world. Why to live in this cruel, cheat world?

life was like a dead end for Jennie- Jennie's viral story-New York-Netmarkers



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