Jennie is leaving all with a lot many questions.. who is responsible for her death?Part-21

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Meanwhile, Jennie’s body was kept on the stretcher and everyone in the room was in tears. Finally, the life was going to get buried deep under the Earth after the postmortem. It was Jennie’s wish that she should be buried under the Earth after she is dead, since she hates fire. Although she said that just in jokes, but it was taken as her wish.

Jennie always loved being in pics, selfies and this is what is happening today in New York. People are talking about her, sharing her news, and pics but this time no one is happy doing this. Jennie’s mother is now getting out of control and she is insisting on one thing, my daughter can’t be dead. She will never commit suicide, no matter what! Something wrong has happened. Someone has killed my beautiful daughter.

Jennie is finally leaving all-Netmarkers



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