Martin is missing from the spot.. Is this related to the death of Jennie?Part 23

Trending and viral story in New York: Jennie’s suicide-the murder of life so far: Jennie’s death is still a puzzle and only she had the missing piece of Puzzle. But where is Martin?Part-22

Alice is now getting normal but Jennie’s mother was still in shock and same is the case with most of the people in New York. It was hard to believe for them that Jennie is no more. Meanwhile, the police started investigating about Martin. Now, most of the things were going to be revealed only by Martin. But what happened to him? Why he is not contacting anyone?

Martin’s mother was concerned about Martin and she was asking from Alice if she knows about him. Now all eyes were on the postmortem report and anything can be commented only after the report. Officer Stephen contacted Martin’s mother and asked to check Martin’s room. Initially she opposed this, but when officer told her that it is to trace out Martin, she said  yes for that.

Who is behind the Jennie's death- viral story new york-Netmarkers



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