Do you make use of Cotton swabs? Read this and you will never do that again!!!

When it comes to clean the ears, the first choice that all of us have are the cotton swabs. But instead of doing any good these swabs can prove to be harmful as per the specialists. As per them, using theses swabs can be dangerous as it can puncture the eardrums and affect the earwax as well. it is recommended by them that use of cotton swabs must be avoided as the ears are having a natural procedure by means of which they clean themselves.

Ear Canal and Earwax

Earwax or cerumen is an antibacterial safety as well as healthy element that is present in our ears. It goes out and is close to the ear drum. It builds up faster in some people as compared to others it is required for them to clean it properly to avoid weak hearing. It might also be the cause of pain sometimes. For this reason, cotton swabs are used by most of the people so as to uproot the abundance wax but rather than doing any good, it can lead to further damage.

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