Jennie’s postmortem report revealed something that was hard to believe! She was really in pain before she died! Part-24

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Martin is missing from the spot.. Is this related to the death of Jennie?Part 23

Okay officer Stephen said! We are looking out for Martin, you don’t worry. But please keep in mind if it is revealed that you are helping him and you know about his whereabouts then it is going to work against him and you as well. Saying this, Officer Stephen left the Martin’s house with Alice. Martin’s mother was still crying and it appears as if she really was not knowing anything.

Alice too reached home and now the news of Jennie’s death was in almost every newspaper of New York. People were talking about Jennie, her mysterious death and now even Martin was the hot topic to discuss. The school where Jennie was studying was full of cops since they wanted to know the relationship between Martin and Jennie. Everyone was doing a lot to find out what killed Jennie but so far it was looking as if there’s no way to find out the truth until Martin is traced. But is he really the culprit?

Jennie's death was really painful and mysterious-viral stories-Netmarkers


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