Encyclopedia Britannica COO ended his life and the reason is shocking!!!

Could anyone think for a person like Vineet Whig who was holding the top position Encyclopedia could end his life!!! What was the reason behind the suicide Vineet Whig? This question is in the mind of everyone and the news of his death is viral. On Sunday, Vineet Whig jumped from the 19th floor of his residential complex in Gurgaon that ended his life. Vineet Whig was living in Gurgaon with his family members including father, wife, a daughter and two sons and was holding the position of chief operating officer (COO) of Encyclopedia South Asia division. As per the information given by police on this shocking suicide, 47 years old Whig was carrying a suicide note in his pocket that was recovered form his body. The reason behind the suicide of Vineet Whig is shocking since as per his suicide note, he was “Fed Up” from himself and this is why he ended his life.



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