Martin’s car is traced and there are traces of blood? Is this relates to Jennie’s death? Part-27

Trending and viral news story of Jennie’s suicide- the murder of life, New York so far:¬†Jennie’s past also has some clues of her death. However, they are still in the mind of her mother. Part-26

Martin’s mother was thinking of past and at one corner she was remembering how the relation of a daughter and father goes wrong, suddenly she got a call. The call was from Martin’s mother and she was feeling restless seeing her number. Why is she calling me? What the hell she wants from me? This is what she was murmuring, but thereafter she picked up the phone.¬†Martin’s mother was crying and was just able to speak these words- my son’s car is found and there are blood spots in it. Jennie’s mother was in shock hearing this and the only thing coming to her mind was, what happened to these kids? Who is after them? She was knowing these blood spots can’t be of Jennie but then? Is Martin injured? Even if he is kidnapped, what is the reason? And why it happened just after her daughter committed suicide? She was unable to speak a single word and she just disconnected the mobile.

Martin's car was found with blood traces- viral story-Netmarkers


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