“Angry birds” movie and the marketing machine around it! Trending reviews and facts that make it viral!

The time when the mania of Angry Birds was at its peak was there 6 years ago when people wearing the T shirts, playing the game with nose down in their phone and promoting the game were easily seen everywhere. That was the time when this game was viral among the game lovers and things related to this were in trending. This was popular among children as well as adults. In the pop culture, the feathered creatures are once again ever present as in the United States, the Angry Birds movie is preparing to open on May 20. The substantial investment that is made by the creator, Rovio, of both the $ 73 million movie and game is behind this result that is available at present. Investment has also been made by Sony Pictures who are the distributors of the movie. The future of the franchise is itself potentially at stake.



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