What.. there was an absurd pic of Martin and Alice in the phone? How’s that possible? Is this caused the death of Jennie?Part 29

Trending and viral news story of Jennie, New York so far: Cops found something in the Martin’s phone that compelled them to say OMG! Was it related to death of Jennie? Part 28

Yes, it was shocking to see the images of Martin and Alice in the phone that too in an absurd position. Though, Alice told about the night when she was with Martin but the question is why these pics are in the phone of Martin? Martin was totally drunk that night as Alice told, then who was the one who took pictures and why? If Alice took the pictures then what was the motive behind that? All this was strange and only Alice was having the answers. Officers called Jennie’s mother and came to know that Alice is reaching there and so they too started to reach there.

The reactions of Alice on the other hand were also strange and similar to that of Jennie’s father. Jennie’s mother was about to tell her everything but suddenly the cops arrived with the Martin’s phone. It was a strange feeling for Jennie’s father as well as Alice to see the cops here. What happened officer? You got the Martin’s car, is everything fine? This was the question of Alice and it was surprising to see that she was the first one to ask this.

Alice and Martin were in awkward position in phone- Viral story of Jennie- Netmarkers


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