Stranger called Alice all alone! Is he the culprit? Is he against the death of Jennie? Part-33


Trending and viral news Story in New York so farKevin could be the one responsible for Jennie’s death, but Alice too was found to be suspicious! Part-32 

Police is now after Alice to crack the scene. Alice seems to be worried but why? What is the cause of concern? In the evening at 7 Alice started going to meet that guy and as the cops were expected she didn’t informed them about the call. This was making the things even more suspicious and against her.

Finally, she reached the destination and was looking for the suspicious guy. Cops were already there at the location as they don’t want to miss the opportunity to crack the case. Alice was looking here and there and was checking her mobile again and again. Suddenly, she heard someone coming from the back. She was hearing the foot tapping and they were getting closer and closer and finally she turned. As she turned, she almost shouted, You! Kevin!

Kevin was there to meet Alice- Viral story New York- Netmarkers


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