Enjoy the summer with a healthy and happy skin!!! Here are the tips!

Summer days make people carefree and they went out for having a good time with friends and family members. But along with enjoying these days, it is also important to take care of health and specially skin health as good health is the basic requirement to enjoy life. Sun rays damage the skin even if they are hidden behind the clouds. So do not allow these harsh summer rays to damage your skin and take advance care.

Protect your eyes from harmful rays

wear sunglasses to protect eyes-Netmarkers

In the human body, the part that is the most delicate or sensitive is the skin that is around the eyes and this is the area where the signs of sun damage and skin aging are commonly observed. This area must therefore be protected from the harmful sun rays and for this purpose, the sunglasses that are labeled to block 99% of the UV rays must be used.


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