Why the Thailand’s Tiger Temple is coming to an end!!!

The Tiger Temple of Thailand that was viral among the people for the tigers living in there and is also in the news for the offense of misbehave with the tigers and even trafficking of some of them is coming to an end. From this famous destination that is trending among the tourists, the tigers have begun to be confiscate by the wildlife officials on account of the animal abuse allegations.

Tiger temple-Netmarkers

More than 10 tigers that were held at the Buddhist temple have been seized by the wildlife officials after getting the response of the allegations related to the mistreatment of the animals in the temple in Thailand.  In the Kanchanaburi province is this Tiger temple where the visitors are allowed to play with the cubs and even with the tigers. It is planned by the government to clear all the tigers from the temple and the remaining 131 animals will be removed in the next two weeks and will be shifted to the government sanctuaries situated elsewhere in the country.


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