Why the Thailand’s Tiger Temple is coming to an end!!!

The allegations related to the animals in the temples like poorly fed, beaten, housed in small cages of concrete and given less time to spend outside have been there for years by the animal welfare groups and former workers of the temple. It is also said by some of the conservationists that the tigers have been trafficked and illegally bred by the monks in the temple.

A sedated tiger is stretchered as officials start moving tigers from Thailand's controversial Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi province

In the raid that were conducted in January and February, 10 tigers were seized by the officials. As per The Nation the environment at the temple was full of tension as the local police, wildlife department staff, members of animal rights groups and Thai armed forces, all descended on the grounds. The entry of these officials in the temple was denied by the monks of the temple. To ensure the safety of the tigers that were remaining in the temple, more than 300 officials stayed in the temple overnight.


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