Cops questioned Alice and she seems to be tensed now! Who is the culprit- Alice or Kevin? Part-38

Read the trending and viral news story in New York so far: Kevin had a motive to kill Jennie! So was he responsible for the death of Jennie? Part-37

The questions of detective were genuine and the possibility of anything fishy can’t be overruled. Kevin on the other hand seems to be confident. May be he was prepared for these type of questions and may be he is really innocent. Finally, he started! Yes, I was knowing about Martin but he was just a good friend of Jennie. I am sure you understand the value of first love. I am the first love of Jennie and no one could deny this Universal Truth. When I contacted her for the first time, he kept crying for almost an hour. It was enough for me to know if my love still exists.

Kevin seems to be confident facing cops- Viral story of Jennie- Netmarkers


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