OMG, this is the meaning of your inked tattoos? Don’t you dare ink them as criminals use them as symbols!

There are some of the stylish looking and amazing tattoos that were used by the criminals or byttho9se who have some criminal past. But some of the prison tattoos having hidden meaning behind them are no more in the area of the imprison members only. These are now being used by the other people as well even without knowing their significance the actual meaning hidden behind them. This post covers the details behind these tattoos and the meaning hidden behind them.

Cross on the Chest

Within the criminal communities and prison of Russia, there was a system of using tattoos in order to differentiate and identify the career and criminal position of a person during the 20th century. A ‘Prince of Thieves’ that was having the highest rank among the criminal community was signified by the Cross on the chest in the Russian Tattoo hierarchy. The criminal past has been left behind by the [person is denoted by the spider having face down. The skull represents that the person is a murderer. Authority is implied by the stars and a senior authority figure is represented by an eagle.

Cross on the Chest-Netmarkers


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