The forests swallowed them but still can’t stop you to visit these amazing cities of Ancient Civilization

There has always been a desire in human beings to know about the ancient civilization, cultures, ways of living, structures and monuments built in that period etc. Here we are presenting the ancient civilization cities that have been swallowed by the forests but those who love to discover the hidden secrets of ancient civilization can still visit these amazing places.

Caracol, Belize

During the Classic period, one of the major political centers was Caracol of Maya Lowland. During the sixth century, the city reached to its zenith but around 950 AD., the Caracol began to lose its glory. Rosa Mai, who came in 1937 in search of Mahogany rediscovered the ruins of Caracol. The largest archaeological site of the Mayan’s is Caracol.

Caracol, Belize-Netmarkers


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