Kevin finally broke out after harsh beating from cops! But what he revealed was even more frightening!Part-43

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Both Kevin and Alice were betraying Jennie but why? What was her fault? Part-42

For detective, now it was looking as if Kevin was trying to take him to a ride and this was frustrating. With the story told by Kevin so far, it was very clear that he was involved in a conspiracy but it was unclear to what extent. Was he actually involved in murdering Jennie and even harming Martin? But how to know the truth! Moreover, it was not clear whose blood was there in the car of Martin and if Martin is still safe. The detective, asked cops to take the matter and ask the things with some strictness and this was surely not going to be easy for Kevin. Interrogation started and the first question was why you were hiding the things from Martin, if you were sure nothing was there between him and Jennie and moreover why he called Martin when he has nothing to do with him. This time Kevin was giving answers but with loud moans. Don’t beat, please don’t beat me! I am telling you everything! Hold on please! Now this was the Kevin’s words and now he was very sure he has no other way than speaking the truth.

Kevin has to speak in front of cops- viral news story in New York- Netmarkers


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