The hidden face of Alice is now revealed! She was cheating both Martin and Jennie! Is she the culprit? Part-45

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Martin was aware of Jennie and Kevin’s relationship but then why he was pretending to be unaware of everything? Part- 44

No, its not true! Yelled Kevin! Although I wanted Martin to get away from the life of Jennie but I never thought of killing or even harming him. But then where’s Martin? Asked officer strictly! I told you earlier also, I don’t know about him. May be he is hiding to put me under the bars as he knows I will be the prime suspect if he is not present in the scene. It can be true since blood found in the car was not of Martin and if he would have been kidnapped, then there must be any demand. But nothing like that happened! Anyways continue what happened next! Asked officer and so Kevin started again. I was looking for the right time and finding out everything about Martin and then I came to know about his past. I came to know about his relationship with Alice, how they were closer to each other and how Alice was thrown away by Martin when Jennie entered his life. What?? now this time the reaction of officer was really surprising! But Alice and Jennie were good friends? Even she has a good friendly relation with Martin?? What are you talking about?

Alice and Jennie were not friends- Viral story in New York- Netmarkers


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