If your kid is wearing these types of sandals, then he is in great danger! Avoid them before its too late!

The use of sandals is in trending at present and was viral in the ancient ages as well. Sandals are something that provide space to the feet to breathe and also protects them. They are viral in the countries having hot climate where it is impossible to wear shoes for long time. There is variety of sandals in number of designs but one particular design called clogs has become wrath in the world. Something concerning has been discovered by the scientists about these clogs that is must read if you also make use of these.


Which form of sandals are clogs?

These sandals are known for their unique design having big holes in front and back strap that is adjustable and could be lowered as well. This allows it to be worn as sandals or as flip flops. But the fact that most the people are unaware is that wearing these sandals is harmful for them. The studies conducted on these clogs have revealed something concerning.


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