Jennie was in big trouble but was she aware of it? Do her friends’ dishonesty killed her? Part-47

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Alice and Kevin were bringing storm in the life of Jennie who has a blind faith on both of them! Part- 46

One thing was very clear that the conspiracy was to separate Martin and Jennie but then what happened that she committed suicide? Or was it actually a murder as claimed by Alice who too wants to harm Jennie? This news story was getting viral not just in New York rather whole world. The pressure was on the cops and detectives to solve the case but still the motive was not clear. The story of Jennie is trending and people want to know how that innocent, beautiful girl full of life ended her life and why. Kevin continued, yes it was our plan to show Jennie there’s something  between Martin and Alice. At the very first step, I was required to talk about both of them in front of Jennie that they made a good pair. Although initially, Jennie never noticed this but soon I saw her changing her reactions. Moreover when I was in touch with Alice, her best friend, then I came to know that she didn’t tell her about me. It simply means Jennie has not that much faith on Alice that she could share her secret. This was a good indication for me to see my plan working. I just wanted to have Jennie back and at any cost.

What killed Jennie? Viral murder mystery- Netmarkers


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