Michael Jackson is again trending but not for a good reason! Are documents related to pornography true?

Michael Jackson is again trending after 7 years of his death and unfortunately not for a good reason. The activities of Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch are again viral and in news amid the documents’ disclosure that suggest he kept pornography hidden there. It is important to note, it’s not the first time that his name is attached to such issues. A decades before, he was charged with the molestation charges. He is again in news as Radar Online published a number of pornographic images as well as case documents that reveal how he used to lure kids. As per, Kelly Hoover, a Santa Barbara Sheriff’s  Office’s spokeswoman, “some of the documents appear to be copies of reports that were authored by Sheriff’s Office” in addition to the images as evidence being taken by the office personnel of Sheriff. However, she also cautioned that the stuff is mixed together with content taken from the World Wide Web as well as a number of other sources. She added, the material of Sheriff has the case numbers on the stuff. As per Hoover, the Office of the Santa Barbara Sheriff has not issued any of the photographs or documents to the media.

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