If Alice killed Jennie, then she has to face serious consequences.. may be death! Part- 51

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Both Kevin and Alice can be involved in the murder of Jennie! Will she get justice? Part-50

No, Alice has nothing to do with the death of Jennie, said Kevin! Rather she is the one who first claimed that Jennie’s suicide is a murder. Yes, that I know, said officer! But you said that Jennie was angry with Alice and wanted to teach her a lesson. May be they had a fight and the consequence is the murder of Jennie? Don’t you think it’s possible? Officer’s words were making Kevin disturbed, now they started becoming irritated. This time he almost yelled, catch Martin, he is the culprit! Why are you wasting your time here? Now Kevin is tired and just wants to get away from the cops, but it’s not so simple! Officers reaction was similar, he just shouted and asked him to be patient and stay calm.

Kevin is now in trouble- unsolved murder mystery- Netmarkers



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