Blind faith might be the reason behind Jennie’s death! Viral Murder mystery!

Trending and viral news story in New York so far: Situation is pointing out Alice to be mysterious! Is she really the culprit? Part- 52

Alice now started. Please believe me, I am not the culprit! I just helped Kevin to create misunderstanding and nothing else. Moreover, I am not at all involved in the disappearance of Martin. Even I think he is the one responsible for the death of Jennie as he was knowing about Jennie’s relationship with Kevin and still pretending to be unknown in front of Jennie. It simply means, he was having something else for Jennie and it’s possible to teach her a lesson he created a situation that forced her to end her life. Miss Alice, if this is true, then you would have told everything in the beginning. We know a person lies when he/she’s a culprit and it’s a universal truth. I guess you have no doubts in that? Sir, I just lied as I thought there are enough evidences against me that point I may have harmed Jennie. Moreover, I wanted to tell everything but when I got the news of Martin, his car and the traces of blood, then I thought Martin is trying to put me into this. For this reason I kept my mouth shut and lied.

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