US on alert: deadly Zika Virus Entered!

The deadly Zika virus and cases in United States

The mosquitoes of the Aedes species are the source of Zika virus. If pregnant women are affected by this virus then it could be passed to their fetus and infect the unborn baby. Mild fever, headache, rashes, conjunctivitis and joint point are some of the common symptoms of Zika virus. The virus has its principal impact on the new born babies and develops microcephaly in them.

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The babies in this condition are born with head size that is below average and which is caused by the collapse of brain growth at normal rate in the womb. The brain is so undersized in some of the cases that the vital functions of life could not be support by it and the babies are stillborn.  In the US, 3 newborn babies were diagnosed with the birth defects that are steady with the effects of Zika virus. 234 women in US who are pregnant are detected with the Zika virus and in US territories, 189 women are diagnosed with it. At present, there is no medicine or vaccine that can cure the Zika virus as per the CDC.


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