Your kitchen has this silent killer dangerous than alcohol and soft drinks! Beware!

Your kitchen has this silent killer dangerous than alcohol and soft drinks! Netmarkers

Soft drinks are really harmful and you prefer to keep your kids away from them. Wow, how caring you are! Same is the case with alcohol but what if you know that you are giving something to your kid, which is even harmful than soft drinks and can even cause cancer? Shocked?? Yes, then read this trending article.

Spices though help in adding flavor and taste in food, can you imagine them to be infected? It’s hard to believe that they are contaminated by dangerous chemicals and even rodents. But, this is actually the truth. Today, you will find most of the spices fully contaminated with such such worse things like rodent feces and hair. ┬áIf this is making you feel Yakk.. don’t be as there’s more! Most of the spices are available with Ethylene Oxide. It is one such chemical that should not be consumed since its adverse affects are really frightening. This chemical is used during the production process of spices so as to sterilize them.

Most of the spices are available with Ethylene Oxide- Netmarkers

In case you are not aware of Ethylene Oxide, please note it is one such chemical that is really harmful, and exposed to laboratory rodents to a very large extent. Due to this exposure, chances of genetic mutations are quite high and it may even lead to cancer. Additionally, this chemical can result in depression and damage  nerves and brain. There are many other problems like Skin diseases, allergies etc.

After reading this post, you might be ready to throw away all the spices, but then what’s the alternative. Well, not much is known about what kind of spice to use and what not but conclusion is far away till date. Still, scientific studies are not taking this issue seriously and that’s the reason why people are consuming this silent killer.

Organic spices- Netmarkers

What’s the solution?

The answer lies with nature! Yes, it is good to get rid of all the harmful spices and go for organic spices. By this way, you will be able to safeguard the health of your family members. There are a number of benefits of using organic spices. For instance, there’s no radiation or genetic modification involved in the preparation. With nice taste, there are neither artificial flavors nor preservatives involved and that makes your food simply delicious and free from harmful ingredients.


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