Stop chasing the girl you like if you see these signs!

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In a relationship, letting go is really very difficult but things are not always in favor. Life sometimes asks you to take some difficult decision to keep that self respect. Stop running after the girl you like if you see these signs!

You are not of her kind

You are caring, rich and good looking as well. In short, you are having all those qualities but then why are you not liked back by her. We all have a picture of our life partner in our imagination and that becomes the basis on which we accept and reject people. It is not necessary that the opposite attracts theory always work in life. Therefore you cannot put her responsible for not liking you if your taste does not match.


The girl is going through breakup phase:

It is true that every girl is not of the same characteristic but one thing that makes all of them similar surpassing the differences is sensitivity. Girls are extremely sensitive! So if the girl you like is going through the phase of breakup then she will not look at you to find her prince charming even if you are very much caring and understanding. Stop chasing the girl in this case as you might get restricted to that friend zone of her for life but not something more than that.

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She is trapped in her own life all the time!

It is always said that the best friend of a girl is mirror. Nothing is wrong if they are seemed to be a little self centered in this case. The problem arises when this becomes the case for all, the time and she just remain trapped in herself and your feelings and advice holds no importance. This is a great sign that you must stop chasing her right away.


You get introduced as a friend always!

There could not be a better indication than this!
The fact that it is difficult to understand girls if difficult is true but one thing is clear that if you are considered as a friend by her then generally there are least chances that this relationship will move forward in the direction of attraction and love.


You are not allowed by her in her personal space:

This is an easy as well as definitive way to know whether the same feelings as yours are shared by the girl you like. There is green light for you if the girl calls you up when she is feeling low and also does the same when you are going through the same phase and cheers you up. But if this is not the case then you know what to do.
These are some of the signs that will help you to decide whether you are on a right track or not and whether you should follow the girl you like or not.


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