Strange and amazing facts that are unbelievable but true!

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There is storage of numerous kind of information in the human brain. Some of these are very useful for us while others are some of the strange facts that make us scratch our head and question the way we perceive the world. Here there are some of the strange, hard to believe yet true facts that exists in this world but are not known to all of us!

The Oxford English Dictionary was mostly by a person named William Chester Minor who was a murderer and has written it while he was in mental asylum.

An American surgeon named W.C. Minor has served during the Battle of the Wilderness in the army in 1864 that left a big mark on him and resulted in his delusional. As a result, he fatally shoots a man believing that he broke into his house in 1872. He was put in asylum when he pleaded for insanity and there he has written what later became the Oxford English Dictionary.

bananas are radioactive-Netmarkers

There are radioactive elements in bananas

No one can expect to get exposed to radiation while easting bananas but the strange fact is that there is an isotope of potassium contained in bananas that makes them radioactive. But potassium is required by the body in order to function normally and therefore there is nothing to worry about. In fact, to get radiation sickness, you need to east at least five million bananas and that too at once.

Monotropa uniflora-Netmarkers

There exists a plant that grows without sunlight and do not have chlorophyll and are known as “ghost plants”

The plant known as Monotropa uniflora does not have chlorophyll at all and this makes it different from other plants. This parasitic plant does not depend on sun and like [other plants who want sunlight in order to generate their energy. In fact, this plant grows in the extremely dark surroundings.

frogs rained-Netmarkers

At Mexico in 1997, from the sky, rained frogs!

Think of the situation when frogs are raining from the sky! Yes this is true and the same took place in 1997 in Culiacan, Mexico, when toads have fallen from the sky due to a small tornado. Actually, toads were picked up from a local pond by a wind storm that passed over it and then over the town of Sinaloa, these toads were dumped by the storm. There is nothing unusual in this as per the scientists as there is power in wind with which it can carry everything within it.

enzymed eats body-Netmarkers

The enzymes that are responsible to process your dinner starts processing you just after your death in a couple of days.

Every meal taken by the human body is digested with the help of enzymes present in out body. But the same enzymes start eating the body itself after the dearth of the person. The bacteria start feeding on the cell and membrane itself as they did not get oxygen. Usually this process starts in our brain and liver.


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