What? Zika infection extends in pregnancy…shows the study on first monkey with Zika!!!

zika virus study on monkeys-Netmarkers

In the study conducted on the first monkey with Zika, it is found typically in 10 days, that the infection goes away but during pregnancy, this infection stay for much longer time. A per this study of the infected monkeys that was long awaited, the victims of zika are given long term immunity to the virus by this. But along with this, a bad news is also brought by the monkey experiment according to which, in the pregnant animals, this infection persists for months longer as compared to others. The case of Finnish woman is confirmed by this work as this lady has acquired zika while she was pregnant and instead of 10 days, the infections lasted for 10 weeks. As per the monkey study, the virus prefers placenta and brain over other types of tissues.

zika virus-Netmarkers

Cases of pregnant woman infected by zika have been reported by a dozen countries in which these women gave birth to the infants with microcephaly. By far, the biggest microcephaly outbreak has started in Brazil in 2015 which is growing rapidly and now stands with 1,500 confirmed cases. It is found in the monkey study that the infection lasted for 75 days in two pregnant monkeys instead of the typical 10 day period. This therefore confirms that the zika virus lasts longer in pregnant animals as compared to others. As per the monkey study, an infection could be caused by even the dose of the smallest sized bite of zika virus.


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