Do not throw away banana peels as they could provide amazing benefits!!!

Since our visitors, liked this post, natural remedy to get ¬†glowing skin, here’s something similar to help you look gorgeous, fight ache, get glowing teeth and what not. Bananas are loaded with high nutrient content and are viral among people for their great taste along with high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But the banana peel that if thrown away could also be used for amazing benefits. Here are the benefits of banana peel and the ways in which these could be used for better results.

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Fight rashes & itching

Banana peel acts as a great remedy to get relief from rashes and itching. Also, it is very simple to use it for this purpose. Rub the banana peel on the affected area twice daily and continue till it is completely gone.


Get rid of acne

Rub the acne infection before going to bed with banana peel. Both the sensation of irritation and inflammation will be reduced when this remedy is used daily. Along with this, any further outbreaks are also prevented by this remedy.

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Easing headache

Whenever you have a headache then the banana peel could be used to reduce it as they help to heel the root cause of the pain. Take the peel and hold it behind the neck and across the forehead. The high levels of potassium in banana peel are responsible for this benefit of the peel.

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Teeth whitening

The banana peel could also be used for the purpose of whitening the teeth. Clean your teeth with the help of banana peel for several minutes daily. The effect of this remedy remains there for several weeks after using it once.


Fight against bug bites

Make use of banana peel to rub the affected area with bug bites. This remedy helps to calm the skin and also reduce itching.


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