Unbelievable but true! Strange and amazing facts about animals that will blow your mind!

The nature is full of surprises and has number of species possessing some extraordinary features that are hard to believe but true. For ex: the actual color of polar bears is black, there are four stomachs in the body of a sheep to help them digest the food etc. Here are some of the extraordinary and viral facts about the animals that will blow your mind!

headless chicken mike-Netmarkers

There was a headless chicken named Mike that lived for 18 months after his head has been separated from his body.

You are not alone if you have doubts about this fact as a lot of people were doubtful when the news of Mike became viral. This incident took place in 1945 when Mike, a five and a half month old cockerel has been tried to kill by Lloyd Olsen, a farmer for the supper of his family. The farmer cut down the head of Mike but was surprised after that when Mike got up and walked around. A vital jugular vein has been by Lloyd drains blood from brain, head, neck and face and this left most of the brain stem of Mike completely intact. After this botched axing, Mike lived for 18 months and was in trending among the people for this unbelievable life.


‘Mimic Octopus’ has the ability to transform in more than 15 diverse shapes such as stingray, furry turkey, snake and lionfish.

Discovered in 1998, Mimic Octopus is the creature that astonishes the scientists today as well. To escape from the predators, a strategy that is common for survival is mimicry but the case of Mimic octopus is different. Not only are the characteristics of multiple species assumed by Mimic octopus but it also determine as which sea creature to mimic in order to pose supreme hazard to its predator.


Up to a year, scorpions can survive without eating anything

Three things are the reason behind this fact. First, the metabolic rates could be slowed down by the scorpions. Second, an organ called hepatopancres is present in these creatures that take on the responsibility of pancreas and liver. Third, the ability to eat a lot is there in scorpions. These are the factors responsible for the survival of scorpions for about a year without any food.


An ability to neutralize almost all poisons is there in a mysterious creature called Opossum.

It has been found by The Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins that a protein called Lethal Toxin Neutralizing Factor is produced by the American Opossum and just like its name, this protein has the ability to neutralize the lethal poison of almost every type. Even the poison from the creatures that American Opossum has never encountered could be neutralized by it.

Horror Frog-Netmarkers

A creature named Horror Frog breaks the bones in its toes when threatened and create claws by forcing the ends through its skin.

This is a seemingly painful ability and numbers of species of frogs are there that have this ability like the frog found in Central Asia known as Hairy frog, the one found in Southern Japan named Otton Frog etc. These frogs break the bones in their toes and create claws by forcing these through the ends whenever they are threatened.


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