These super foods can kill cancer! Make them a part of your diet!

In a study, it has been discovered that the cancer cells in the body could actually be destroyed by the six super foods. Since there are number of drawbacks of the conventional methods for the treatment of cancer therefore it is on the whole good news. The cancer cells starve of the nutrients that are required by them for their development and growth if the blood supply to these is hindered. The same could be achieved by these super foods as the blood supply to the cancer cells is cut off by the potent anti-angiogenesis properties present in them. This viral post has the list of the super foods that are in trending for the treatment as well as prevention of cancer in a natural way.

Green tea- coffe-fight cancer-Netmarkers

Green tea and coffee

Green tea and coffee are also popular on account of their benefits for the overall health of a person but they also have the capability to destroy different types of cancers.



The cancer cells are deprived of the blood supply by this super food and along with that, it also helps in burning the fat.

red wine-Netmarkers

Red wine

High amount of a potent antioxidant called resveratrol which is efficient in destroying the fungi, viruses and bacteria is found in red wine. It is also beneficial for:
• In those suffering from diabetes, it boosts the glucose tolerance.
• It boosts the mental as well as physical performance.
• Free radicals are eliminated.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is very efficient in fighting against the cancer cells and this healthy sweet also aids in the improvement of the overall health of a person by improving the heart health and also by providing relief from anxiety and stress.



It is found in a study conducted by the Harvard scientists that the risk of acquiring cancer has been reduced by as much as 50% in those who consumed tomato sauce and cooked tomato in thirty days for more than four times. Tomatoes contain high amount of an anti-angiogenic known a lycopene that is dissolved in the body and is absorbed through the intestinal tract ultimately.

Raspberries and blueberries to fight cancer-Netmarkers

Raspberries and blueberries

These super foods help in the destruction of cancer cells on account of the presence of potent anti-angiogenesis and also help in reducing the oxidative stress.


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