Alice’s disclosure of being pregnant in college by Martin is a twist in the New York murder mystery of Jennie! Part-54

Trending and viral News story in New York so far: Blind faith might be the reason behind Jennie’s death! Viral Murder mystery!

As Alice was revealing the truth, it was looking like now the case could be solved, but is it true? Alice, if right, points out against Martin as he has got a motive to kill Jennie. But, the question arises, where is he right now! If Martin has a motive, then the biggest motive is with Alice herself. Even she is also lying right from the beginning. The officers are trying to solve this puzzle but it’s not so simple. The only possibility to judge if Alice is not lying this time, is by confirming the same from  Jennie or Martin. But Jennie is no more and Martin is absconding or may be kidnapped. This murder mystery is getting complicated and whole New York is now keen on giving justice to Jennie. She was innocent, loving, and a girl who was a life of that College of New York. This was not at all her destiny.

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