Alice’s disclosure of being pregnant in college by Martin is a twist in the New York murder mystery of Jennie! Part-54

Officer asked Alice to continue the story and Alice started, “Martin was in love with Jennie but that was nothing new for him. He was attracted to every new girl who’s fresh, beautiful and attractive. Earlier it was me and then Jennie”. Yes, we know this, just tell me how much you are involved in the conspiracy with Kevin, asked officer. Yes, I was involved in creating misunderstandings between Jennie and Martin and I wanted to have Martin back. We were in love with each other until Jennie came in his life. We were the best pair in New York and whole college was supporting our relationship. Everything was fine until Jennie came. Why she came, I don’t know! So, for this reason you planned to kill her right? All of a sudden officer interrupted. Is it right to kill someone just because anyone gets attracted to her? And you are pointing out as if you were married to Martin. He was just attracted to you and that’s normal in this tender age. It’s his decision to choose you or Jennie. No… it was not just an attraction, we were in deep love with each other and I was even pregnant once.. OMG! This disclosure is enough to shock officer and undoubtedly everyone who is somehow related to this case. What all was going on in the College? Alice was maintaining such kind of relations with Martin? And family members of these teens were not knowing about this?

The Trending and viral news story in New York, Jennie’s suicide- The Murder of Life Continues : Kevin’s screams were loud enough to reach Jennie who too must have suffered like this before death! Part 55.

Alice was pregnant in College- Story of Jennie- Netmarkers


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