Here are some of the amazing medical facts that must be kept in mind!!!

Human body is such a complex and wonderful system that has created over millions of years of evolution and holds number of mysteries that are still covered and not known. Every time when something new is discovered about the human body, it uses to leave us astonished and overwhelmed. A vast store of knowledge has been created by the advances in medical filed and biology to learn and study. This trending post has some of the amazing medical facts that will mesmerize you.

You brain could be literally killed by high levels of stress.

It has been found in studies that the ability of brain to control impulses, learn, remember or reason could be affected by prolonged exposure to stress and it can permanently damage the neurons. While a person experiences stress, a hormone known as Cortisol is released that could stop the generation of new neurons and also destroy the existing ones and therefore could dab mage the hippocampus.



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