Is the pain between shoulders a warning sign of cancer???

The Thoracic Stretch

  • With the legs stretched out in front of you, sit down on the floor.
  • At the spot above the knees, grab the thighs and then towards the naval, turn the head and neck.
  • For about 10-15 seconds, keep this posture steady and repeat the process thrice.

The Lying Knee Twist Stretch

  • Let your legs as well as your arms stretched out with your back on the floor.
  • With the arms still flat on the floor, let them be out.
  • Get the knee towards you and then to the left side of the body, cross it over.
  • For 20 seconds, keep this posture steady and then repeat the process for the other side.

The Yoga Cat Stretch

  • With the hands at parallel angle to the shoulders, be on your knees such that they are parallel to the back.
  • Looking up to the ceiling, exhale while gently arching the spine.
  • Then inhale as you round out the back like a cat and tighten the core muscles.
  • For about 10 seconds, keep this position steady.
  • Reaper the process 10 times.

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