What…Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney split after 5 years of relationship???

After 5 long years of relationship, the American singer, actress and songwriter Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are splitting up. As per the statement of Gaga’ rep given to PEOPLE, “They are taking a break”. Previously, it was told by an industry source that the work obligations of the couple kept them at a distance a lot. Another source said to PEOPLE that, “She’s working on an album, he’s working on his show, they aren’t in the same state, it was just hard. They both love each other very much and they want it to work. It’s just been tough with the long distance”. Since 2012, Kinney has been filming, at the titular location, his NBC drama Chicago Fire. On the set of “You and I” music video, Gaga and Kinney first met each other in July 2011 and later that year, they began dating each other.



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