Kevin’s screams were loud enough to reach Jennie who too must have suffered like this before death! Part 55

Trending and viral News Story in New York so far: Alice’s disclosure of being pregnant in college by Martin is a twist in the New York murder mystery of Jennie! Part-54

This new disclosure compelled officers and New York police to pressurize Alice as it is sure she has the biggest motive to kill Jennie. She was pregnant from Martin that simply means, it was not simple for her to forget or leave Martin. Moreover, she was that smart that she was revealing this truth and pretending to be the best friend of Jennie for a number of years. This shows how dangerous she is and to what extent she can go to take the revenge. Officer now wanted to know if she has any kind of relation with Martin still as chances of same can’t be overruled. Moreover, the officer so far, just knows the things that are disclosed by Alice and what if she is wrong? So, what to do in such a scenario? This murder mystery is just like a vicious circle and everyone is just going round and round.

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