Wow!! These personalities are the living example of courage on Earth. We salute them!!

Disability is referred as the hampered physical functioning, which could be from birth or due to some unfortunate accident. There are millions of such people all over the world who became the victims and had to face some kinds of physical disability. Though such condition can easily discourage a person, but there are many people, who overcome their disability and won the world. These are many amazing people, who proved that disability is just the state of mind and not a physical condition. There are many inspiring stories about such brave hearts, which changed the way, people think about disables.

Arunima Sinha

Another great example of will and determination is Arunima Sinha. The mean fate could nopt stop her to reach to the highest mountain and become an ‘Everester’. Many people all over the world have lost their lives to reach at the peak of Mount Everest. She had lost her leg, when some of the robbers who were trying to snatch her chain, threw her out of the moving train. 49 trains ran over her legs, but she was brave enough to stay alive. With her great strength and will-power, she became the first woman amputee to reach climb the Mount Everest. Her determination and strength proved that nothing can defeat you, if you yourself are not defeated.

Arunima Sinha-Netmarkers


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